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Dog Spa

canstockphoto2692956Get grooming services

Make sure your pet always looks his or her best by coming to us for professional grooming services. Your pet will be treated by an expert team that has experience with all pets including delicate, difficult, and senior pets.

Grooming services include baths, nail trims, skin care, ear care, and anal gland expression. Sedation is available for less tolerant pets. Cats and dogs of all ages are welcome.

Give your dog a day of play with doggie day care

Christine Melendez and Nicole Rizzo

Christine Melendez and Nicole Rizzo

Does your dog hate being left alone during the week? Bring him or her by to socialize at doggie day care. Doggie day care is a great place for your dog. He or she will enjoy socializing with other dogs while getting plenty of attention from our staff. 

Doggie day care includes supervision, a large and open playroom, 2 half-mile walks, and frequent breaks. Weekly or monthly billing is available, or you can choose to pay per play day.  

Call for more info – 516-374-5050