Cold weather can create safety concerns for your pets.

Here are some tips to make the cold season enjoyable for you and your pet:
  • Pets have different cold weather tolerance depending on their breed, coat, weight and activity level.
  • If you need to bundle up for the weather, there is a chance it is too cold for your pet.
  • You can use sweaters or jackets for your pet to keep their bodies warm.
  • Paw balm and booties can protect their paws from anything harmful during cold weather events.
  • If you don’t use booties, please wipe your pet’s paws after every walk to remove deicers or anything else harmful.
  • Consider using pet friendly products to fight snow and ice around the outside of your home.
  • Groom your pet less during winter months, to balance out their need for protection and avoid any additional drying out of skin or paws.
  • Check for hidden animals in or around your car, before starting your vehicle.
If you have any questions, please request an appointment today!